How to set departure and approach runway in GNS 430

  • Hi. Could someone help with the question described in title. When I set destination airport using FPL menu in GNS 430 it automatically sets approach and I do not know how to change it. When i puch PROC key I can not enter to the menu allowing me to set approach or departure runways (both in stable and beta versions). For example for KCGX it always set runway 18. I watched many tutorials for real GNS 430 or other flight sims and it seems not to work as described there.

    Thank you in adwance.

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    Which aircraft are you flying?

    And do you use the steam version of that aircraft or the downloaded version from Just-Flight?

    The approach selection only works with the current beta because the release version has not been updated to the latest state.

    I'll try to remember to check this again tomorrow. Last time I checked it worked correctly and it should allow you to select the approaches from the PROC menu page. Make sure to push the cursor in to set the highlight on the page, then scroll to approaches and select enter. With the latest version the cursor should highlight on the page which I think it did not do before. Pressing the enter button should open a pop-up menu on the device, is that showing for you or not?