A320 cold and dark start

  • So this is my first time playing this update and it looks incredible already. Just a quick question (I feel really incompetent) what is the order to start the 320, like I just can’t find the battery or any of the switches I need. Someone help pls?:/

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    In the overhead there are two battery switches right next to the battery voltage indications (27V). Push both on.

    Then a bit lower and to the right of that is a green "AVAIL" light for the external power (which is connected when parking brake is set).

    Set that to ON as well.

    From there: APU MASTER to on, APU START a few seconds later. When APU is available set APU BLEED to on.

    Then in the pedestal set mode selector to IGN/START (knob to the right), and ENG MASTER 2 to ON. Engine 2 will then start. Select ENG MASTER 1 on to start engine nr. 1.

    If you use the "before start" state all you need to do is put IGN/START on and then ENG Masters to ON to start the engines.