Making glass shiny [ SOLVED]

  • I am unable to make the Apache windows shiny, so me thinks I am missing something.

    Followed DR400 settings but things are still matte. Tried Kai's Vorlagen pic from years ago but still matt

    Any designers out there that can help

    Ok, off to do the housework now =O


  • Hi Guys

    Thanks for the input, it would seem I'm no expert either. Although the definition of an expert is, ex ( a has been) 's'pert a drip under pressure ;)

    I have tried using the info from the pic above, added glass shader, even tried canopy shader but still no change. Guess back to square one and re do the material from scratch.

    I did how ever add 2 pilots and omitted the reflection attribute, both pilots were that shiny they looked like something from the Terminator movies.

    I am wondering if it's the fact the windows are pretty much flat and therefore don't reflect much to the eye when you look at them as there are no curves to give it away. I guess that's what the original designers intended but it's the opposite I'm after.

    Back to housework :rolleyes:


  • Did you use <[shader][hint][glass exterior]> shader?

    Try to use 'exterior' and 'interior' shaders respectively for each materials ( exterior = shiny, interior=matte)

    you have to split glass materials and objects into interior and exterior

  • Hi Krzysk

    Thanks for the tip, I had assigned the glass tag but it never occurred to me to add the exterior tag too. I thought simply adding glass and adjusting the specular etc would make it shinny. Quite why glass would need to know why its outside or inside is beyond is glass

    So, problem SOLVED.. add both glass and exterior tags

    Many thanks


  • larrylynx

    Changed the title of the thread from “Making glass shiny” to “Making glass shiny [ SOLVED]”.