Orbx Netherlands Windmills upside down

  • There are other wind turbines in the Helgoland scenery add on and they are not upside down. I am guessing that the .tma files determine placement and the .tmb files concern the object itself. Either way, I was wondering if it would be possible to access the Helgoland wind turbines and modify the 70 wind turbine files in our Netherlands scenery.

  • What more do you hope for? It is interesting for me to read this now! While at the time I was already fighting with ORBX.

    In the end, my conclusions were 100% fair and correct!:D

    ORBX and J.V. have always been a gas factory, the only thing in their eyes is the portfolio, :love:this already with FSX. Just be careful in the future not to give them this great pleasure with MSFS again.;):thumbdown:



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