Top of Descent and Decelerate

  • Some time after I reach cruise altitude on the a320, the pfd shows "DECELERATE" even though I am nowhere near the top of decent. When I try to descend to a lower altitude, and lower my speed, the message still does not go away. Before the update, the top of decent was clearly shown in the navigation display, but now, It usually isn't there. Am I doing something wrong, or am I not getting something? I didn't have any issues with the a320 before the update.

  • Hi. I do it manually until the bug is patched.

    I add many waypoints all along the route to guess the flight level thought by the simulator.

    I set, if necessary, the constraint altitudes of origin and destination in the MCDU F-PLN.

    I set the maximum flight level I found in MCDU F-PLN as cruise altitude.

    Then I calculate the top of descente like this: (FL CRZ - FL AIRPORT) / 3 + 3 or 4 Nm to decelerate. At this remaining distance, it’s the top of descente, so I set -3° in “FPA mode”, I also set my target altitude.

    Before 10000 ft, I slow down with spoilers not to lose my 3° slope.

    When I reach the target altitude I activate approach mode in the MCDU to make the plane decelerate waiting for flaps 1, 2 etc.

    To descend, I also manually target the constraints altitudes because the plane actually doesn’t give a damn about.

    It’s tricky but It works.

    Trick: to find your destination altitude, go to location, never click on the map, search your airport with the keyboard.

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