Access to customize IPACS Plants

  • Rough Idea but,

    Perhaps IPACS could open up the Plants Folder which could allow USERS to edit plant files and create custom folders? :/

    This could also help Summer Plants match custom Ortho images that do not blend well together.

    Example: "Custom_BROADLEAF_AUTUMN"

    Who knows it could be a mess? But it would be great to try!

    Thanks for considering :thumbup:

  • You can put these plant textures in aircraft preview menu, view it, make a screenshot, edit it and convert it, but as these plant textures are half transparent then it is harder to edit them because there is this blue background. Picture, I hate this IPACS file system so much because all of these uneditable file formats, they should've done it like all other flight simulators

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    We cannot provide a ttx to raw image back conversion because it's also a form of copyright protection. Same for the tmb binary geometry files or the binary tmw files replacing the tmd tile for helicopters. We don't want anyone to be able to deconstruct them to be able to basically steal our 3D model or to extract the optimization techniques used for our rendering process or the advanced physics models in case of the helicopters.

    There is nothing stopping you from experimenting with cloud textures. You just can't see the original ones. But you can just use a uv test image, convert that to ttx and see what part of the texture is visible where on the clouds. Then color the texture for the clouds and check the results.