Hawaii still coming?

  • It's been done for months. The islands are plagued with clouds in the images, most have been edited and touched up. Now we have a content converter issue, which creates non-matching colors with different zoom levels and grid sizes around water. These are just a few issues. The task would have been much easier if the satellite images were better.

  • Why not try creating some photo-scenery yourself, instead of rubbishing people who are actually doing something useful in that area?
    That might give you some understanding of the problems involved. :cursing:

    Chill emfrat! Back in the day 20 or so years ago I did do some sceneries for another sim so I do understand the difficulties. I was merely asking when we might see completion of this excellent sceneries series and not rubbishing anyone at all. My comment about biting off more than you can chew related to the unforeseen difficulties the team is experiencing and not to their expertise.

  • Well it's not "unforeseen difficulties", more like it's a whole lot of work, and we all have a life outside of FS2 that includes full time work or other more prioritized obligations for some members of the team. So it takes time and longer than first anticipated sometimes. We're stuck on time and volunteering availability.

    It's 95%+ complete and in terms of "difficulties", no we didn't bite more than we could chew, actually quite the opposite, we could bite much more if we'd be given the food to be chewed to continue with that metaphor.

    As a matter of fact, we did chew much more than we bit as the original idea/project didn't include many animations and features that ultimately ended up in the final product (including tech optimization required because of complexity and size of scenery)

    It deserves and requires a certain standard of excellence, thus we want to do what is needed, and that takes times, more time as affected by conditions as Zosochile explained.

    More importantly, we also wanted to pace ourselves so as not to get more praises and mark of confidence than we could reasonably handle.;)

    Bottom line, it's coming for sure, hopefully by 2021, but no firm date at this stage. Stay tuned!