Problems with Aerofly memory

  • This thread is only for admin to see what is wrong with my game and why it keeps crashing.

    My main device (never mind the iPhone I don’t really use it for aerofly much) is a 2018 6th gen iPad 9.7

    The problems I am having with aerofly is whenever my aircraft is in colorado (bearing in mind the game never crashed before the update) is that the sim constantly crashes and resets. Load into DEN, crash

    Spawn at Buckley AFB in an F15, crash

    Fly over the state from SFO to DEN in the 77W for a full flight, game crashes.

    Like I said, these problems are only happening after my game updated recently, they never occurred before. I also believe it is the scenery as I can fly in any other state like Cali or Utah and everything is fine. Just colorado causes a crash.

    Hope this helps with fixes