• Hello everybody,

    first of all I would like to thank you for the new update. The system depth on the A320 is really impressive.

    Unfortunately, the update caused a few bugs with the autopilot. The following happened to me:

    Case 1: I want to fly from Arizona to Zurich. Except for the departures and approaches, I didn't make any extra waypoints. Anyway, I started normally until about Kansas / Nebraska. The autopilot flew strange circles and was not on the route. I tried to make a new route, unfortunately nothing worked. Then I wanted to fly back to KDEN and the autopilot worked perfectly again.

    I found out that you have to do a waypoint every 500-1000nm without making circles.

    Case 2: When approaching KPHX with an A380, the autopilot became very strange. 5nm in front of the runway the aircraft steered uncontrollably to the left and down. Calibrating and new routes did not help.

    Case 3: I want to fly from KSDL to KPHX and use the departure SCOT7 and the approach I07R. After I flew the last waypoint from departure, the autopilot simply flew north and went down. I only noticed what was happening at KPRC.

    If this has already been discussed somewhere in the forum, then I apologize.

    Another question: Does anyone know how I can activate / see the EFOB display in the A320?


  • We can't replicate these issues when we don't know the exact route. I need to know the departure runway, departure, arrival, approach and destination runway in order to create the same route that you flew. Otherwise it's searching for a needle in a haystack.

    I'll try to replicate the third case this one may have enough info.