Updates affect classic repaints for Lear45

  • I have been away for a while and have not kept up with the most recent changes and updates. I find that I can only fly the basic black striped Learjet 45 and can't call up any of the user added repaints that I have been flying for the last couple of years.

    I'm sure there has been some sort of code changes. Could someone please post the HOW TO to get me up to date. ;):P



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  • In lj45 there is an option.tmc file, copied and pasted this file into your extra texture folder, then open with (notepad++) for example, and renamed the texture name under this line:

    <[string8] [Description] [Blue]>. As an example replaced Blue by usgc

    If you have a lot of private textures from authors on flightsim.org, good luck with the job unfortunately.;)



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