• I don't really like helicopters, from FSX to Robinson R22 the latter, I recognize that initially it was difficult to pilot; in the end, in "easy mode", I was able to pilot it without excessive difficulties. However, I did not enjoy in the helicopter as in the airplanes, especially, in the small ones, and above all: with the acrobatic ones.

    I was waiting for the release of this EC135.T1, which being much older, would be less of a dancer, and consequently, maybe I could enjoy more than with the previous ones.

    Its release was announced well in advance, with the phrase "caming soon." I was intrigued by the enormous number of times that very often, I read that expression: caming soon.

    At the end when its launch was announced, I was looking for how to download it and couldn't find a way to do it. About 8 days after its release, casually reviewing the FS 2 aircraft squad, surprisingly I found it: It had been downloaded automatically without my participation. I was happy to see him among the other planes. Thanks for that, Ipacs.

    I immediately started it, and I was very surprised how docile its lift was, with little effect from the tail rotor, it rises smoothly, it translates with great smoothness and elegance. The exterior view in flight, is frankly impressive, and impressive the "music of its engine". Seen at an inclination with respect to its longitudinal axis and somewhat higher than the helicopter, it is extraordinarily beautiful. In my opinion, with the yellow or red colors, it is even more beautiful.

    It also has a very well designed instrument panel, which makes the visibility from the pilot's seat very pleasant.

    Thank you again Ipacs for this "wonderful flying piece of art "

    Kind regards: Delfin