• Will anyone know when this navigation problem will be solved? As well as our friend here said that a month has passed since this version is published on STeam in my opinion that it would never have to leave the beta version nobody solves anything and the problem continues we will have to wait for a new update in another month or 6 months to solve a problem that is not even ours ?! this is very disrespectful i know i will be massacred by some users for speaking my opinion but for liking the aerofly very much i wanted a resolution of this is a simulator that serves my purposes but it is boring to fly with this problem.

  • We are already working on fixes behind the scenes and we want to bring them to you as soon as possible.

    JAN, if you want to understand more about this problem, I can send you a video capture of a maximum of 5 minutes via IPACS email showing this problem to help streamline this as it is not possible to do this here, if you find it useful let me know. I can send until tomorrow.





    A320 Test Pilot at Aerofly FS2!

    I7 8GB RAM GeForce NVIDIA 1660TI 6GB VRAM Graphics 4K .

  • Hi Jet-Pack (Jan),

    was my post from 28. Oktober (see above) helpful to find the navigation issues?

    I am sure it must be something really simple which causes the problems because before the integration of SIDs/STARS LNAV/VNAV worked perfectly.

    I'm also sure you are working hard to get this sorted and am looking forward on your success regarding this.

    Kind regards