Version of 737 cockpit

  • Hi there,

    one thing I always wondered:

    The 737 cockpit seems to be of a 737-100 or -200, but external model is a -500.

    The -300 used to have analog instruments at first before switching to EFIS, but afaik

    the -500 never had analog instruments. Still, the -300 had different analog instruments

    (EPR, airspeed indicator..) to the -200, so I am pretty sure the cockpit in aerofly is of a -200.

    Besides the obvious (and very attractive question) whether there will be a -500 cockpit

    available one day, I wonder if anyone knows of a -200 external model with -200 flight physics?

    Thanks, Olli

  • I was going to say I have checked google and just seen a pic of a 500 with analog instruments, then I realised it was from FS2 (DOH)

    I'm going to have a stab in the dark here but I would guess the 3D model used by FS2 was by someone else and licensed by IPACS. Also, at the time the 500 would have been included the EFIS type gauges were not yet in the sim. Hence why all my aircraft/heli's feature analog instruments. These EFIS type need to be done by Master Obi Jan and are aircraft specific.

    Of course I could be completely wrong, it's something I'm very good at according to my other half :/


  • Computer entertainment flight simulation providers approach flying from the outside, perhaps with IPACS some important aspects have yet to be fully appreciated. An important point is that they started off doing high quality remote control model plane simulations, they didn’t have experience of simulating cockpits before they released Aerofly FS, full size. For me the cockpit is nearly all the sim, I am a bit obsessed with instruments and gauges.

    They initially used a 737-200 model cockpit from somewhere, there is a brief account in the forum some while back. It got swapped EPR and N1 gauges, putting the N1 on top. They should have deleted the -200’s EPR as normally high bypass turbofan engines cannot provide a reliable direct EPR for all phases of flight, the -500’s CFM-56 doesn’t do it.

    IPACS have not quite reached perfection yet with the instruments, a count of the central engine dials present in the analog dial -500s must have been missed or not appreciated.

    Elsewhere the HSI of the original FS Baron rotates the wrong way in the turn and they also mixed up the identity (and function) of the 1940s compasses and directional gyros of the Corsair and the P-38 and still do not do audio idents on the nav radios.

    The sim is excellent and has given me enormous satisfaction. IPACS interact and respond with their customers and faults in the sim have been recognised and promptly corrected which is brilliant, cockpit fixes must be extra demanding. It is also great to see the growing complexity and sophistication of Aerofly, it is a bit like a pet growing up.

    (Jan flies gliders which have reduced instrumentation, Jeff in America seems to have some experience of a Beechcraft Sierra complex single. I haven't seen any aviation pointers from the from others).

  • Good to know. I am a bit picky when it comes to certain details, but I think IPACS has done many things right

    which I won't find on other sims. I am new to AF2, but I have have pretty much every other available sim on my computer

    and a bit of real life experience too. Looking at the EC135, them IPACS guys know how to do cockpits :)