First impressions / list of ideas & features

  • Hi guys,

    I like your sim a lot when it comes to helicopters and certain cockpits. Just got 2 or 3 hours, but counting :)

    The 172 looks very good, the FBW of the 320 feels right and the lighting of the cockpits is good (still being able

    to read the needles, which is not self-evident these days). I'm impressed!

    Still I noticed a few details which could need improvement and might not be to hard to fix. I've got some

    aviation background, worked as a betatester before and lots of hours in different sims.

    I plan to update this list, as I check out other things. I think AF2 can score as an IFR&procedure trainer with clean

    cockpits, good flightmodelling, high fps and high immersion.

    - RPM and MP interact; when lowering the RPM, the manifold pressure should rise, eg. from 30" & 2700 to 33,5" & 2000; a little

    wobble of indicators would increase immersion even further

    - stall of the B58 is weird. No warning sound and 20° pitch? It's done right in the C172

    - FD on Lear&Kingair (havent checked others) should be always on top, above the airplane symbol

    - TOT of the EC135 should be in 5° steps

    - contrast of the 7-segment displays in the C172 and B58 is low between lit&unlit segments. They are hard to read.

    While the lit-ones are luminent, the turned off ones could be darker.