Hawaii Freeware scenery - where to download?

  • Hi, maybe I'm just too obtuse to find it, but where can I download the detailed Hawaii Freeware scenery of Oahu that was released some time ago by the same team that created the Apollo program scenery ? I

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    Hello Fabian is available here: https://www.google.com/url?sa=…Vaw1XaMb_XxhKFm_1MVckcnsk

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  • Fabian, please see my signature.

    Hi Tom, sorry for the late reply, I'm still unable to find the Oahu scenery on flight-Sim.org

    I did find the Kahuai and Niihau scenery you worked on which I'll try out too for sure but the only scenery I can find for Oahu is a photo scenery and cultivation file by Michael , not the highly detailed complex scenery with helipads, POIs and so on that was announced a while ago. I thought it had been released already or am I mistaken? Or has it been pulled from the site? I really looked forward to exploring this region with my new HP Reverb G2 which will arrive tomorrow but if I can't find it I'm sure Kahuai and Niihau will keep me occupied for some time.

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  • They are still working on Oahu and other islands, we 'will have to do' with Kahuai and Niihau for now...Great scenery!

    OK then I was mistaken, I thought it had been released already. Thank you.

    Actually are some downloads available on flight-sim.org for both Oahu and Maui. Made by Michael (IZOJUB) one of our most prolific and talented designers. Search for Maui island Bing and Oahu.

    Yes I am aware of those, but as much as I admire Michael's work for the community, just photoreal areas with standard OSM derived autogen doesn't cut it for me. In a scenery I want at least some of the most important buildings as custom made objects and I'd like the autogen textures to at least remotely match the real world style of the region. I tried Michael's Outer Hebrides scenery but though the photoreal imagery was quite good there where loads of high rise buildings with modern facades which just look totally out of place on these islands. I even tried to remove some of the buildings and add my own converted POIs that I originally created for a P3D V2 scenery, but as Michael seems to compile his cultivation files there is no easy way to get rid of the erroneous buildings to place my own. Again, I think he's doing a great job for the community but I rather like small, highly detailed sceneries with lots of custom objects than a large amount of quickly made large scale areas that don't really resemble the real world.

  • I followed the installation instructions but is there an airport I can search on to test? Have no idea if it installed successfully, does not look like it did. Also, the directory and paths shown in the instructions do not match perfectly what I have!

    Edit: Got it. Make sure you scroll to find the islands and ZOOM IN! Or try an airport search of PHBK for some Fun!