Pascal's request for lynx7 start files

  • Hi Pascal

    Your wish is my command

    Here are some Lynx7 start files. Just unzip and place in the main lynx7 directory

    There is no start at the end of the runway, too much work involved for that one as the main tmq is set up for cold and dark. :/

    What you can do is select a parking place or helipad and it will give you option for ready to depart or cold and dark. Select ready to depart and off you go. Cold and dark works ok too.

    clean and landing seem to work you just have to be ready for things, rotors are slightly low but nothing you ace pilots can't handle.:thumbup:

    No guarantees so if they cause problems just delete them =O

    Have fun


  • Thanks Steve!

    Didn't see this one coming but it's great to have the option.

    Works fine over here but...Not from parking places, only from helipads and take off from runway which is fine to me. :)


    Peter Splinter

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  • What a nice surprise :) You are a real CHEF ! :thumbup:It's perfect, and what a real pleasure for me now :love:

    Thank you very much Steve !!! ;)



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