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  • Hi @All or to whom it may concern,

    after a while, I tried yesterday to use FS2 again.

    I have started from Steam directly, as well as from the short cut from desktop.

    FS2 starts on Monitor 1 of 2, but I am not able to control. Neither I see the mouse, nor can I use the keyboard. Not possible to open any submenues, e.g. settings.

    Just by pressing >Enter< FS2 shows me my last Airport, as well as the last used airplane (New Zealand Airbus).

    Mouse not working. On my left monitor the mouse is functioning completely.

    Keyboard functions are limited. Rudder, Views etc. can be used, but not e.g. ailerons, trim-flaps etc.

    Meanwhile I have updated all Nvidia drivers, deinstalled FS2, downloaded again from Steam and installed FS2 again.

    No other other versions are still on any drives anymore.

    Just right now, I used RC7 with Game Commander. This is working well. Mouse is visible. All control menues can be used.


    Is there a possibilty to make a resetting to factory (basic) settings or to make setting-up working?

    I thought this would come with reinstallation, but it seems, it didn't.

    Appreciate your suggestions or guiding very much. Many thanks in advance.


  • Sir Jet-Pack (IPACS)

    Is there any way to RESET my Trim Settings to Normal? I use Keyboard and Mouse to play Aerofly FS 2.

    Once I use TRIM in any Flight.. That settings doesn't Reset to 0 Position once I close and again open Aerofly..

    I tried to find a Key-Binding Setting to RESET Trim controls but found nothing with any such function.. What can I do?



  • Thanks Sir for your Attention,

    I would like to reset the TRIM setting in the Cessna 172....

    I want to Reset them to 0 Position because it becomes easier to manuever at SHORT FINAL. In the Airliners I am able to reset it to Default position but it's not Resetting in the Cessna.. It just stays the way I leave it.. It even doesn't Reset if I close and Open Aerofly again.. :)