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  • I bought Gibraltar and Boston through them well before the sale. I believe an update to Boston is being worked on at the moment. A very good Paris is available as freeware through, and Gibraltar is nice and works very well.

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    Does their Telluride fix the twenty degrees bent localiser?

    Nav data is not defined in the scenery. We use a global database for this.

    You seem to know a few of these, can you please open a separate thread and post all of your known issues with ILS localizers and glideslopes over there? Then we have one location to find them and can go through them one by one. Thank you very much!

  • Yes they do work with the steam version. The only one I have not been able to get running is Lubbock but I am sure I should be able to figure that one out. If anyone has that up and running in the new AFS2 version I would appreciate them letting me know the installation paths.

    I downloaded Lubbock again and installed it just as per instructions and then realised that I did not have an airport in there. A quick trip to and I downloaded Lubbock airport. And .... there it is as good as gold.

  • AOB, I am having problem with installing Boston under steam version.

    Installation: extract the folder Boston_ma into your Aerofly FS 2\addons\scenery folder. Did that under Documents/aerofly folder but no Boston. Any ideas?



    Laptop I7-7700HQ - 2.8/3.6hz, Nvida GeForce GTX 1050 4g, 16gb mem, ssd256 GB +ssd 2.0TB, Win10

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  • Hi Carl,

    Sorry to hear you are having problems and I am no expert but mine is in the C:\Documents\Aerofly FS2\addons\scenery\boston_ma and it works fine. Just check yours and make sure there are two sub folders under boston_ma called images and places. Sometimes you can find that under the main boston_ma directory there is another boston_ma directory with those images and places in there. You can also download and install a couple more airports like KGHG and KOWD from FSCloudPort to C:\Documents\Aerofly FS2\scenery\places as well.

  • Hi Carl, another thing I should have mentioned is that I can only fly in my Boston in OpenGL. If I go to Vulkan then I crash back to Steam. I am not sure if that is a problem with my laptop which has dual video cards (3gb NVidia and a lower spec 2gb one) of if this is one of the things that might be fixed in the next Boston_ma update. Either way, it works fine in OpenGL and is a great scenery.

  • My last edit (small print) mentioned I found the problem. Yes I also have the same problem with vulcan. Thanks for suggesting KGHG and KOWD from FSCloudPort. You many notice that my laptop has only a 256GB ssd which is almost full. That is where docs/aerofly/addons are installed. Steam installed the main steam aerofly in my 2.5TB. Will need to check if I can transfer some from the SSD to HD.



    Laptop I7-7700HQ - 2.8/3.6hz, Nvida GeForce GTX 1050 4g, 16gb mem, ssd256 GB +ssd 2.0TB, Win10