Big New Ipads

  • I have a relatively small ipad from about 3 years ago, memory 32Gb. 6th generation and cheap, but it has no trouble running Aerofly FS 2020. Aerofly FS 2020 currently uses about 6Gb for the Western US.

    Now the big ipads are loaded with 256 or 512Gigs of memory and bigger, faster chips. I urge Aerofly to "shoot for the moon" and give us either all of North America or Western Europe as resident scenery if users can handle it. The age of the small ipads is gone. They are now desktops.

    My installation of Aerofly for PC uses about 200 Gigs. I don't mind this. I can put part of it on a USB drive if necessary.

  • Oh that's totally right. Even on my 64 Gb iPad Pro I still have free Gb for PNW, France, Japan, etc.

    In this case, on mobile, we also need a Regions manager in case I'd like to delete one to buy another, etc.

    I fly, therefore I am

    Aeroflyer on iPad A320

    iPad Pro M1 / 11-inch / 8 Gb RAM / iPadOS 15.x up to date