No cultivation folders in documents or steam tree

  • Hi,

    Sorry if this has been asked many times before but....... where to I place Cultivation files downloaded from Flight-Sim .org? I have successfully placed airports in /documents/scenery/places, mesh in documents/scenery/elevation and aircraft in documents/aircraft. However, I cannot figure out where Cultivation files go not to mention what images and maps are all about. :)

    I use FSX-SE and X-Plane 11.50 and the late (un) lamented FSW and have no problems with their file structures.

    I have Aerofly FS2 Steam Edition.

    Any help much appreciated

    Many thanks in anticipation,

    Mark S.

  • Here is an example for USA ( for all of cultivation ) : Documents/ Aerofly FS2 / addons/ scenery/ USA/ places/

    For photoscenery: Documents/ Aerofly FS2 / addons/ scenery/ USA/ images/

    For elevation: Documents/ Aerofly FS2 / addons/ scenery/ USA/ elevation/

    Please read the readme files for installation Guide. :)

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