Will Aerofly fs 2021 be cheaper?

  • A few weeks ago apple has said, that developers only need to give 15% of their revenue to Apple. Now it’s 30%. So my Question:

    Will Aerofly fs 2021 be cheaper than the 2020 version? I mean when Ipacs has to pay less to Apple, then it could become cheaper.

  • Well other way round if IPACS is giving more of their revenue to Apple (30% instead of 15%) they are gonna have to charge more for the new release, however I predict that this is gonna be such a good game and such a hyped up game that many more people who may have skipped out on 2020, will buy 2021

  • The 15% concern only subscriptions after 1 year. Otherwise it is 30%. Some VOD services enjoy a 15% fees. And geants like Amazon have confidential fees.

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