Replay mode

  • Hi,

    I've really been enjoying the new simulator (although I had some trouble downloading the regions). Good job!

    I was just wondering where is the replay mode? Did you delete it or is it just hiding somewhere? I really enjoyed replaying my landings on the previous simulators.

  • We added a multi function button to enable you to toggle other information on and off as well.

    Amazing work on this latest iteration! Textures of cockpit ( a320 ) and sceneries have been greatly improved and I am still on a weeny iPad 2018 (6th Generation) With future devices I think I can forget about all the gear needed to play a simulator on PC and stick to this as it is fantastic and fun. I loved that you moved the altitude increase button away so that it doesn't get pressed by accident as it happened occasionally. A few hiccups on aircrafts following flight plan correctly (from limited time playing it.... ) but I am sure you will polish those. Do you know if one can offload the maps and upload what is needed only? Maybe not possible... Still congratulations for what you have been able to do.