Tobii 5 support?

  • Hi all,

    I just bought a Tobii 5, and in the Tobii Game Hub app it says that Aerofly FS2 is a Tobii supported title, and that the 'eye tracking controls for this game can be found in the game itself'. I just checked that, and can't see any Tobii eye tracking settings in Aerofly FS2 (Steam version, fully updated). Also, more importantly, on a test flight just now the Tobii was not detected or used while flying Aerofly FS2; turning my head or eyes had no effect. Just prior to this I tested in DCS, and it was working there...

    I know Tobii 5 is a relatively new device, is it supported in Aerofly FS2?

    Thanks in advance!

    Nick :)

  • I was hoping that someone else would have answered you by now but I did read that the 4c version worked fine back in 2017 so your version 5 should too I reckon. I have TrackIR but rarely use it. I am too lazy and I slouch all over the place when flying so I was hitting the centre view key all the time.