Cessna 172 Autopilot - Navigation

  • Firstly to the ipacs team, well done on the new release. It's excellent!

    Can I just check something with regards to the autopilot in the C172? Am I right in saying its not capable of following a set route? When I hit the NAV button with no VOR tuned, it seems to aim for a random heading.

    Was just wondering what the purpose was for the 'NAV GPS' and 'GPS APR' buttons on the top right of the instrument panel? It allso has 'NAV' lit up to the left of those buttons.


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    The NAV/GPS buttons would switch between NAV receiver and GPS data and display that on the CDI.

    This is not yet implemented as we don't really have a good GPS in the Cessna yet.

    The GPS APR button would be used to arm a GPS approach. Then the autopilot would follow the lateral and vertical commands of the CDI. Again, this is not yet implemented.