Is it possible to calculate ETA with the FMCs in any Aerofly aircraft?

  • Of course, I google the flights IRL to get an idea. Plus, I create an OFP in simbrief to get a better idea. However, I'm assuming their might by an ETA calculator of some sort in the FMCs of some Aerofly aircraft, so I am asking for any possible pointers that could help me out here...

    Thanks in advance!

  • I don’t think there is in the FMC, at least not during preflight. The FMGS on the A320, for example, does provide ETA after departure on the F-PLN page but during preflight planning I’ve never found a way as you would need to enter your departure time manually to give the system a frame of reference. In a fully functional FMGS (not trying to denigrate what IPACS provides as what is provided is awesome like the rest of this sim) you could enter an estimated takeoff time in the F-PLN page but I don’t think this is modeled. Sorry, not a great answer so maybe somebody else has some tips or maybe I’m totally wrong and there is a way to do that in the sim!