I noticed more detail with latest patch update

  • Hi aerofly 2021 looks even better now I noticed more detail to airports and cities with the latest patch update or is it just me and thank you so much for giving us such an amazing sim one suggestion though maybe in the future make the uk region have a better resolution anyway thank you so much I’m having lots of fun with this new installment cheers

  • Hi Kmassie92

    I’m glad to hear that you’re enjoying the new release, since we all saw how impatient you were getting for it to release.

    I also noticed more detail in my airports, like Miami intl for me didn’t have jetbridges and now it does, which is brilliant.

    Just about your point regarding the UK scenery, what do you mean by “higher resolution”? If you mean what I think, then I made a post that Jet-Pack replied to, here’s the link: Ground image lines in UK

    I don’t think the UK scenery needs to be in a higher resolution, but that the obvious rectangles on the ground that can be seen when you fly over need to be fixed, as no region in the US has this, only the UK. Hope that helps with your query