More graphics options for newer iPads

  • I’m delighted that my iPad pro 9.7” of 2016 vintage seems to play 2021 just fine. The graphics power of the pros is many times that of the contemporary iPads. The extra cost of the pro really was money well spent.

    Running the Dash 8 at Denver, at night, with dense low cloud layers and fog, with a realistic route programmed, with every navaid tuned in, with the HUD down and ? with ATC busting crazy 2021 wrong-way traffic might need your graphics power.

    I am surprised how good Aerofly mobile is and it just gets better and better.

  • Yeah mine handles it ok (current issue is that it keeps crashing upon launch of the game) but apart from that it ran the game fine. Might look it upgrade this iPad tho because it’s a 2018 9.7 and I’ve seen AviatorGamerYT with so much more airport detail (like many more varieties of aircraft at the stands) with his 12 Pro Max. Anyone recommend an iPad Pro or newer generation of iPad which wouldn’t make aerofly 21 crash because it actually has enough ram to run the sim properly? 😂