Questions about weather, atc, multiplayer

  • I think a multplayer version would be nice if it were two people flying the same plane in real life, so why not do it that way? How funny you see your friend taking off in front of you lol let's change this multiplayer idea most of you don’t know how to simulate right get in front of you when you’re ready to land I don’t want to have multiplayer and something else if it’s going to be expensive subscription to be able to so folks get real give a lot of work to folks aerofly team do this ok let's wait for things to happen as an example improve graph, put pucherback, weather, weight, passers-by, fuel calculation finally new aircraft

    fully agree, a cheap and cheerful multiplayer option where some people can fly together, doesn't have to be many: one hosts, others can join.

    I have couple more questions:

    -navigation: is it possible to manually tune frequencies for vor1-2 adf and in general all radio nav aids?

    Or tune a radio by selecting a navaid on the map, if there actually is one? :)

    -can the white trails from the wonderful new ai traffic be switched off?

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  • Jet Android relationship is still in development? I'm not asking for a date I know something takes longer but some news to make it easier for Android user send news like this is going ok thank you

    Due to the holidays and the lockdown in Germany I haven't been in the headquarters for about a month and don't know the current status of the Android Aerofly FS 2021 app development.