Pellworm is a non-VULKAN-ic island (CTD when using Vulkan)

  • I had another reproducable Vulkan CTD. It occured in the Wattmeer region, far northwesterly part of Germany. At first I thought this was caused by downloaded scenery / cultivation from different users that might not match or overlap. After some cleaning, it still occured. Then I removed everything there, even the official Helgoland scenery - still crashes. OpenGL works fine.

    Last line in TM log always "-tmxgl: ERROR: (patch has no vertices)" (full file attached).

    Crash location:

  • madpat

    Changed the title of the thread from “Pellworm is a non-VULKAN-ic island” to “Pellworm is a non-VULKAN-ic island (CTD when using Vulkan)”.
  • Yes, I know, but the crash is not really linked to the airport. I think it's more related to the beta status of Vulkan support and specifics of my device, since it works when setting buildings to medium - even if there aren't any close by.

    Just wanted to let you know in order to improve Vulkan.

    BTW: What does "no vertices" mean?