First impressions (great!)

  • I recently purchased Aerofly FS2021 and let me tell you, it is amazing, it is way better than I ever hoped it would be.

    It has great immersion, sound is amazing, visuals are stunning, GUI and options make sense. I love the analogue stick that remains where it's left, like in real aircrafts.

    Extra points for supporting Fswidgets IgmapHD, it works beautifully with it.

    A couple of questions came to mind:

    - Regions: I can see Colorado and Utah in both the High res scenery region and on their own Colorado and Utah region.

    Does it mean that if I download the High res scenery (San Francisco LA etc), that it contains Colorado and Utah already and the separate Colorado and Utah region is not necessary?

    - Rudder: With both manual and assisted rudder, I find it hard to keep the Cessna centered while taxiing, would it be possible to add a sensibility setting in the menu purely for the rudder?

    - Is there a wiki about what all the menu settimgs options do? some options are a bit obscure:

    (approach lines, hud horizon)

    It's 5 stars for me on the app store, I hope it gets the recognition it deserves there.



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    Changed the title of the thread from “First impressions are great” to “First impressions (great!)”.
  • Fine for App-users on Smartphone and/or Tablet. Since I only fly via PC, is FS2021 also coming for PC-Users as upgrade to the current AFS2 ?

    Real name: Johnny

    PC-Specs: i7-3930K - 32GB RAM - GTX1070ti 8GB - 2TB SSD + 1TB SSD + 2x3TB HDD

    Laptop Specs: i7-9750H - 32GB RAM - RTX2070 max-Q 8GB - 2x 1TB NVMe SSD + 2TB SSD

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    luckyluca: the hires addon includes aerial images for Utah and Colorado as well, but not the airports. We will try to improve our Wiki and tutorial pages for Aerofly FS to explain a few more things.

    ikbenik : we develop Aerofly FS for mobile and desktop computers. Mobile versions are usually first, since the detail level is lower. But you will eventually see all features and content on both platforms. Sometimes ( e.g EC 135 helicopter ) we are ahead with the pc version. But for the UK region for example, we intend to add more buildings and trees to make it look better.

  • Thanks, I took a look before and after, and think that perhaps the high res imagery for utah/colorado has been moved and is now only contained in the new region :thumbup:

    Is there a button to re-calibrate tilt in-flight?

    When extending flaps, the device needs tilting up thus making the screen hard to see without adjusting calibration or without elevation trim buttons (autotrim is actually on).

    Rudder feels too sensitive, at least on my iphone; a rudder sensitivity option would be amazing too.

    Anyway it's a great sim!

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    Which airplane are you flying?

  • The corsair, c172, b58, p38.

    However you can ignore this, as doing things more slowly allows for autotrim to catchup, and not incurr excessive tilting. Still, a calibrate button would be awesome.

    Rudder feels too sensitive to me, given the small bar on the iphone. This makes it rather tricky to keep aircrafts straight when taxiing for instance.

    Can I suggest a more exponential response curve (less sensitive at the centre) or rudder sensitivity option to be considered?


  • If you increase the tilt sensitivity you should have to tilt less for the same response.

    What device are you using because it probably matters how large the rudder slider is physically.

    Increase tilt is a good idea, but it is quite sensitive already, even at low sensitivity. Anyway this is not an issue as autotrim does a fantastic job and solves this most of the times.


    Iphone 11 (non pro).

    It is the limited resolution and space the thumb has to properly apply rudder during approach and taxiing. This zigzag is more noticeable on smaller/mid aircrafts.

    From my point of view, it would be a good idea to add an option to adjust/reduce rudder sensitivity, in order to have more control around the center. Let me know your thoughts