Pushback feature?

  • Will there ever be a pushback feature for Aerofly FS 2021? I’ve recently started doing 3-9 hour flights in Aerofly and I’ve always had to cheat myself onto the taxiway in order to continue with the rest of the flight. A pushback feature would be pretty handy as it would add not only a new realistic touch to the flight simulator but also adds more convenience to flight simulator pilots such as I.

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    You're not the first to ask for this. I'd love to add everything in a blink of an eye but we can't have too many open construction zones at the same time.

    Pushback is certainly a highly ranked feature and I'm positive that we will add it one day. I'm not sure it's going to be in 2021. Might be. But could also be later.

    As mentioned in the past we want to properly simulate the physics for the push back truck. This means, unlike in many other flight sims, the wheels of the truck will steer it and the plane will receive physical force to be pushed back. That also means implementing some really complicated control laws to steer the truck in a straight line or on a defined curve.

    If you have driven a car backwards with a trailer you know how tricky it can be. But now that trailer has a steerable axle like you see on some trucks.... yikes.

    Some pushback trucks are easier because they just lift the nose gear altogether.

    Pushback requires some work on our airports as well. The start position needs to be added and we have to define where the truck should stop. Multiply this by 300+ airports and you know how much work there is to be done for this to happen.

  • Thank you very much .. I know one day you will add it to aerofly mobil ... I have faith in you .. I will always be faithful to you because I know that one day we will have our dream simulator .. With pushback, ground services, Mind adding ground services or would it be too complicated? We also expect multiplayer, when we have multiplayer it will be incredible .. Also Atc ... Thanks ipacs

  • I think it's easier to add ground services than push back IMHO.

    We have a lot of things on our to-do lists.

    That includes ATC and multiplayer at some point, too.

    I never thought that pushback was so complicated ... Other simulators have it but they don't have any realism ... You want to implement something real and functional, you are really professionals ... So hopefully add ground services first, it would be wonderful ... Atc and multiplayer will make our experience more realistic, it would be sensational ... We can say that it would be like having a pc simulator on a phone thanks to ipacs ... Finally add real weather like rain, showers, snow, thunderstorm lightning? Would it be possible or that if it would be impossible to add? If they could wow I would pay a lot of money to have aerofly with that feature but if it cannot be added there is no problem .. They are perfect as is🙏✈️

  • Wow. That’s a lot of work. Thanks for the information!