Ireland question

  • The update to the Ireland scenery at flight-sim caught my attention and I downloaded it. I expected flat airports with "Irelands HD Airfields", but they are the "normal" ones from fscloudport. So, taxiing is impossible sometime because there are holes or steps in the elevation. The Turbo Arrow is especially prone to crashing when trying to taxi on images alone, other aircraft seem to handle better. Also, spawning at two of the three parking positions in Dublin leads to, err, interesting effects.

    The HD airfields are images, not elevation, right? BTW: Yes, I installed the GB mesh.

    Apart from that: Very nice work, as usual. And much less demanding to my kindergarden notebook compared to Ohau ;).

    Thanks in advance,


  • I'm pretty sure the 'HD' refers to the local satellite imagery resolution rather than elevation.

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  • The artificial runways can be hidden by deactivating the files "…_rwy.tmb". I do this by adding "___OFF" to the end of the file name, e.g. EIDW - Dublin Airport:

    - from: rap2108m68m_rwy.tmb

    - to___: rap2108m68m_rwy.tmb___OFF

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  • I know I know, saw your notes in FSCloudport and did so quite a couple of times already. Or I edited the TSC file, e.g. to add a solid runway at EDXW Sylt with the airport from uli057. Doesn't make the taxiway flat though. I know that's a limitation of the current FSCloudPort version, which still is an amazingly easy to use tool! Feels a bit like modelleisenbahn :). But I am wandering from the subject....

  • BTW: Is there a way to easily flatten some areas? I mean, all the more sophisticated airports are of course flat, and even the Canary Islands scenery from sim-market/ Taburet is mostly flattened where the airports are, so you can taxi on the images alone. Editing the elevation files?