when the "C" in F-15C stands for Commercial

  • Just over 3 years ago, I built my F-15C VR Cockpit Desk (see signature) to use with FS2, throttle on the left and joystick on the right. It was great to fly the FS2 F-15 and F-18 this way but the realism is a bit off flying the other aircraft.

    Then (back in December) ... I stumbled across the Honeycomb Bravo Throttle Quadrant un-boxing videos ... I was impressed! The interchangeable throttle configurations is really efficient engineering and the feedback on the build quality with the Bravo and Alpha Yoke was all positive ... and it has a trim wheel which adds to the realism like rudder pedals and it's easy to use in VR! The next day both were added to my Xmas list 8)

    The Alpha Yoke arrived 2 weeks ago and the Bravo arrived this past Friday, and after 2 weekends of modifying the VR Cockpit Desk and trying to match the C172 yoke height & reach, along with some touch-up paint last night, I am now flying the F-15Commericial ...

    Now when I reach for that C172 yoke in FS2 VR, it's right where it's supposed to be !!!