Volanta Flight Tracker

  • Volanta Flight Tracker with plugins for Aerofly FS2 and other simulators (DCS, XP11 and MsFS):

    • Automatically track your flights in all major simulators, on all operating systems
    • Fun and fresh challenges to complete
    • Regular giveaways from Orbx and selected partners for active pilots
    • Performance focused. Super fast application on every page
    • Detailed GPU rendered map with advanced filtering options tailored to aviation
    • Unlimited flight storage and retrieval
    • Detailed statistics for aircraft, airports and routes
    • Generate a flight plan with SimBrief, or import one you’ve already made
    • Keep up with your friends flying activity and view detailed statistics
    • Security focused. Adjust who can search for you, see your flight history, or see you on the map. TOTP multi-factor authentication supported.
    • Access your flights from anywhere in the world via the web and mobile
    • Connect with Navigraph to see up-to-date navdata on the map
    • And more…





    Peter Splinter

    i5-7400@3,4 GHz, 16GB RAM, GTX 1660 Super, Quest 2 with Pro Headmount, 'Vintage' Pro Flight Trainer, X52 Pro, VKB pedals

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