Problem with Repaints

  • I've been out of the loop for a bit, so please forgive me if this has been addressed in a thread I couldn't find. I upgraded my machine with a new SSD, uninstalled and reinstalled Aerofly on to the new drive. I have a number of repaints I've created, but none of them will show in the program. The previews look good, but when you select them, the default model loads.

    I've checked both the config files for Aerofly and the converter, and both appear to be correct. I have compiled a few models through the aircraft converter just to make sure nothing changed there. Finally, I've load the newest version of each program to make sure I didn't have a problem there. Just for reference, my aircraft files are on the C: drive, with the steam files on the G: drive.

    Can anybody think of what I might be missing?



  • Hello rschmidt1960 and PjotR22,

    I don't know if the two of you are talking about the same topic, but here's what I explained on this thread some time ago.

    RE: Updates affect classic repaints for Lear45

    You must add this option.tmc file renaming the name of the company. This is valid for all airplane textures developed by third parties on and not on the basic textures of IPACS which already have this file.

    Otherwise, in the Aerofly menu, the change in textures will not be recognized.

    Remember to save all your modified aircraft textures.

    Hope this can help you.

    Good luck ;)



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