Empty airports aerofly 2021

  • Team ipacs, would there be a possibility of bigs airports like heatrow, Miami, zurich .. Can we see planes parked at the gates? It really is very depressing to land in empty airports ... There could be an option to lower the graphics quality or something similar, to be able to see the planes and thus have the feeling of seeing a living airport ... It is very sad to see empty heatrow without no plane ... Maybe it's my phone, but the game runs perfectly, and there are thousands of us with this type of device playing Aerofly2021 ... I hope you can do something about it, please

  • @Eduardo Navarro: Sorry, airplanes at airports are only available on very powerful devices. If we would allow airplanes for all devices, you would have very low FPS or even program crashes.

    I agree ... But at least 4 or 5 planes would be good ... The airports are completely empty ... In powerful devices it is fine to have 20 30 planes parked at the gate ... But at least in small airports see 2 or 3 airplanes ... Even london city and key west there is not even a single parked plane .. And that it can fit 3 planes at most and there are not even planes in those airports .. They should add at least 1 or 2 to avoid landing and see only desolate buildings