Hosting RC7 multiplayer server externally

  • Hi everybody,

    I like to play RC7 in multiplayer a lot. For that reason, I would like to know whether it is possible to provide a multiplayer server without hosting it on the computer directly from the RC7 application (as usually). I am thinking about e.g. a docker container.

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    Hi Tim,

    Why not use the default sessions that are already provided?

    You can run an the server application on another PC as far as I know. If I remember correctly there is a server executable in your rc7 bin folder...

    I guess it requires all of the files as the normal executable, so install your RC 7 on both machines, than have one host the server and join with the other one.

  • you can launch Aerofly_server.exe with parameters (port ..) on the same PC and join it under Aerofly RC simulator.

    Warning !

    you must open the incoming and outgoing port on the PC and on the box

  • Hi Jan,

    sure, using the default sessions is one thing :) . The idea behind it is that me and some friends from the RC club wants to create private RC7 flying parties, without (disturbing) others, but the configuration (at least for the server) is quite...let's call it...challenging. I understand the port stuff etc., I just thought (hoped) there might be another way so that the server can be provided by a completely independent host (e.g. a vServer in a datacenter).

  • yes it is possible, you must rent a server (VM) from a host and you will have remote access as with your PC to install Aerofly and launch the server when you wish.