• Hi aerofly mods and others.

    It seems that the replay mod only does one of of X Y Z, and it’s really been bugging me as it sort of destroys the else than that really good game.

    If you haven’t spotted the mistake then:

    1: do a landing

    2: open replay thingie

    3: watch from the side

    Sorry if this is a annoying question

    Cap. A

  • What do you mean replay mod? There is no mod for that...

    And what do you mean it only does X, Y, Z?

    It records nearly all values, the attitude of the plane (not just position), wing bending and gear position, each switch positions in the cockpit, system states - so pretty much everything is recorded. So what the issue here?

    To save data we don't store each simulation time step. We only store several times per second but not at the physics rate of over 1000 times a second. Then the replay would be about 200x shorter...