Blurry scenery in version 20.21.27

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    Fares, Aerofly FS 2021 still has very high demands on slower iOS devices, so we need to be extremely careful here on what features we enable or not. We will do our best to achieve a good balance between high quality vs. high performance. Keep in mind that many users with the same devices as you have experience crashes mostly due to the fact that other apps are active in the background or are consuming memory.

  • Sadly I don’t enjoy Aerofly anymore because of this. And as I really don’t see any performance improvements with this update, I would like to have the old drawing distance back. It looks even worse at cruising altitude as you can see in these pictures:

    I’d like to ask if anyone else experiences any performance improvements with this update, cause as I said there was no performance improvement for me.

    Possibly my lagging just now got fixed I found why my android was lagging it was because of the custom rom that to in android 11. I gave back to default stock rom I got back my performance and fps back. Af 2021 is now running smoothly..

    And also another good news my ipad 2020 ran af 2021 in 50-60 fps