Question about masking and resolution

  • I've begun creating my own tiles and noticed for instance using FSET, that even at -2 download resolution the ground is still pretty blurry. But still, when comparing to most of the covered areas within the sim, the resolution seems to be mostly comparable. However, when I download addon scenery for a region like British Columbia, the resolution is mind blowing. Is this the developer adding masking to the tiles in FSET or ticking the download resolution even higher? I'm just curious as to how to make the ground texturing look as good as it does in BC. Thank you!

  • Why not use AeroScenery its a lot easier and works perfectly fine.

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  • IZ0JUB Also, if I do utilize this tool I fear I have to relearn the steps needed. For instance, I use the handy tool that converts FSET coordinates to TMC. Does that step still need to take place while using AeroScenery? This is so much fun, but also makes me crazy hahaha. I'm sorry, I do not have the technical knowledge yet but trying to learn and discover the path of least resistance to creating my sceneries.