zombie trees

  • Do you know how it would be possible for me to have trees on my tiles if I have not placed any cultivation yet? This seems to be the problem I'm encountering working on Block island, RI. As I finalized and ran some quality control I've noticed trees on the beach and attempted to clean up and remove them with the scenery editor. After doing so, I still see trees on the beach. So I removed my cultivation from the scenery as to test what's going on. When I run the sim these culprit trees still remain all over the tiles. In fact, even when I remove the image tiles completely the trees are still on top of the island.....Where are they coming from? Thank you!

    *Upon further testing the trees are scattered all over undeveloped tiles in New England region. Can they possibly be connected to the NYC payware package? They are all over the coastlines and it seems if I were to develop an area like the Cape or Martha's Vineyard, I'd be stuck with them. If I'm wrong please let me know.