The situation of cultivation in the border areas of Switzerland

  • Hello user-friends,

    actually we could be very, very happy about the fantastic business by some of us - Schnuffelduffel, IZOJUB, chrispriv and others. They give us a wonderful alp-scenery and very nice cultivation and airports, which make IPACS little Switzerland more and more attractiv as a diversified area for vfr as well as for ifr. Nevertheless I'm really frustrated about the situation of cultivation and vegetation. We have two possibilities for using general cultivation in Switzerland - ORBX and Drassaud, also smaller airport-sceneries.

    Now IZOBUj has given us a very nice cultivation for the border-areas to Schnuffelduffels alps. The problem is, that there are conflicts between these cultivation-possibilities and it's not possible to find an ideal combination between them. They also use different tiles. Unfortunately I'm not able to spend much time by learning how to make cultivation und solve this problem myselve because I'm involved in fighting against the corona-pandemie. I tried to find a solution (published in flight-sim), but there are more problems and conflicts, as I thougth first - also with the ORBX-airport Saanen an ORBX-Geneve. And that makes me very frustrated. Also there are areas without vegetation/trees - especially in france alps and in italy.

    Is there someone, who could be able to solve these problems and give us a cultivation for the whole area without these problems - perhaps a combination with IZOJUB und ORBX oder Drassaud?

    I hope for helpful user!

    Thank you! Be healthy!

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  • Hello Heideflieger,

    Unfortunately, the different cultivations are not compatible and can not be combined with each other, because they have as you noticed different coverages at the level of the tiles. With the exception of the older cultivation by drassaud, these are also not editable resp. can't be adapted if necessary, which is a big disadvantage. Further only the cultivation of IZ0JUB has integrated the trees on base of OSM data, but this unfortunately not separated. And then there is an overlay with the vegetation from the Swiss DLC, causing performance issues due to double definition.

    Also it also has many conflicts with current and future special cultivation (e.g. Swiss huts by drassaud, my "Croix de coers"-alpine scenery near Verbier or future scenery like Sion or Zermatt Heli, apezial cultivation for Bern etc.). This is the reason that I often can not share my work, cause it wouldn't work for most users. Therefore, there is no alternative for me at the moment than the one from drassaud, cause it is not compressed and can be adapted.

    On the other hand, the new cultivation of IZ0JUB is very nice, I wish it also covering the whole of Switzerland, but this editable and with the trees separated (and an exclusion if the default vegetation of the Swiss DLC). Also, the new cultivation must be constantly maintained and be adjusted if necessary.

    Finally, the cultivation for Switzerland would have to be completely redone from scratch, this with the same look and feel as the new Swiss Alps cultivation.

    Currently I do not have the capacity to implement this completely, is very very much work behind it. Just started with the first tiles and got in touch with IZ0JUB /Michael, but would need support from other user for editing to be able to engage this project and to get finished some time in the future.

    Best regards,


  • Hello Heideflieger,

    Good news. I am working on new cultivation complementary to the Alps Cultivation from IZ0JUB for the rest of Switzerland (nothern part - 8 tiles at all) using the same building texture resp. look and feel. Will also integrate some special cultivation and make all the adjustments to the already existing Swiss sceneries.

    Here is a first preview:

  • Hello Christophe,

    these are fantastic news, after some weeks without AF2 because of hard times!

    I've been frustrated, that I'm not ably to solve the current existing problems with the cultivation - especially because switzerland is grown to a very inspiring, detailled alps-scenery, which should get an appropriate cultivation. It's great, that you can use IZOJUBS business for this.

    Thank you very, very much! The previews let me be very appy! So much nice details...! :D

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