Issue: Aggressive braking with the C152

  • Does anyone else experience brakes semi locking up and skidding with only this aircraft?

    I cannot replicate this on any other aircraft.

    My only work around is to disable the skid.tsb file to eliminate the horrible squeal sound.

    I've tested multiple TMD adjustments to try and solve this issue but no success.

  • I forgot there were two versions. I am referring to the Just Flight version.

    TMD is original as I'm very aware of making backups before editing and making sure to only make minor adjustments at a time.

    Any chance you can replicate this Jan?

    I can continue to tinker around with a few lines I haven't tested yet. I just initially wanted to know if anyone else experienced this.

    Funny how the more and more I fly with this aircraft, that I finally realized this issue.

  • Video Example: Applying the brakes four times.

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