Super confused with blue boxes

  • hi all,

    Hurricane is almost ready...

    As you can see by the picture in attachment something is odd in the model and i don't know exactly what.

    The blue boxes are:

    1 rigidbody geometry

    2 collisionhull geometry

    When i leave the model in the field it flips over towards the front. I guess that is because the blue boxes are too much to the front.

    What makes me more confused is that i check in the 3d model application and r0 is setted correctly!

    Can you guide me?


  • Hi,
    First, you need to adjust the aircraft in Metasequoia so that the Y axis is at the real center of gravity.

    Then, you can to adjust the rigidbody frame of the fuselage so that the aircraft behaves correctly in flight.

    • Official Post

    R0 is the center of mass of the body and the InertiaLength dimensions x, y and z are the main inertia tensor lengths in the direction forward/aft, left/right and up/down, in meters.

    The blue boxes are a representation of a box with these dimensions, they have nothing to do with the collision. Collision is purely done by mesh intersection, so based on your 3d model and the geometries that you add in the collisionhull GeometryList.