Aerofly FS 2 Steam Macbook Pro M1 4K resolution only on quarter of the screen

  • when I start Aerofly FS 2 (steam version) on my Macbook Pro with M1 Prozessor and external DELL 4 K Monitor with 4k resolution it only shows a quarter of the monitor. I cannot play in fullscreen mode. Full Screen Mode is only possible with Full HD resolution. What can I do to come to 4K on the entire screen on my mac?

  • If you haven't already you need to make sure your display configuration on the Mac is correct. Go to System Preferences/Displays and make sure your external monitor is setup to display the resolution you want to see from the sim. Make sure "mirroring" is NOT checked.

    Keep in mind, "4K" resolution does not apply to any game spec, that's a video-specific resolution for watching or editing videos.

    For example, on a 5K Retina iMac the maximum resolution it can display is only 3200 x 1800. 4K is 3840 x 2160, DCI 4K is 4096 x 2160. Your MBP may or may not be able to send a full 4K stream externally - when you check the display settings for the external monitor you will see what resolutions are possible.

    Try playing a true, 4K video on your external Dell. If you're still getting a smaller windowed view then something is amiss with the setup.

    If all matches then you'll have to wait for an IPACS admin to reply and see if the sim is able to send high-res externally from a MBP.

  • hello producerguy,
    thank you for your answer. The resolution of my external monitor is 3840x2160 60Hz. I am able to play 3840x2160 60Hz videos without any problems. I have the problem only with Aerofly FS 2 (steam). Probably it would be good if the developers would make it possible also for mac users to set the monitor resolution in the preferences before starting the simulator like this is possible in the windows version. Or is there a known way to do it already? Thank you for any help.

  • From our previous test there should be no issue running FS 2 on a separate monitor if you have configured Mac OS properly. Let us do the check again to verify this. Please drop us an email at mail(at) with all your details so we can try to reproduce the issue.