Odd Problem FPS in FS2

  • Of late I have noticed a strange problem in my DVD version of flight sim FS2. Start up the sim choose location, select aircraft and fly. The FPS starts at around 30. Stop flying select a different aircraft and fly. Now the FPS is around 140. Go back to the first aircraft and fly FPS is again 140.

    I have the very latest Nvidia driver for my GPU, using an older driver makes no changes.

    Anyone else out there with problems like this please?

  • Thank you to those who have replied.

    Its still an on going problem. Start FS2 and from the cockpit FPS is around 28 outside a little higher. Stop flight and change location by only a small amount say 1 nm back into cockpit and FPS is around 200 out side even higher maxing at about 400. This is with the graphics settings LIMIT FRAME RATE set to OFF in FS2. Also tested in 240, 120 and Vsync the same thing happens. I have the latest Nvidia driver. I also tested an older version problem is still there.