Aerofly, natively on Standalone VR / Oculus Quest / Quest 2

  • Hello Community/IPACS team,

    I have the AeroFly FS2 on Steam, and enjoy it quite a lot thanks to the incredible low loading times (!!!), the amount of aircraft types and the awesome performance in VR with my Oculus Quest 2.

    I was a bit blown away when I found, that there is a somewhat 1:1 port for Android. Runs smooth

    on my middle class OnePlus Nord. To be honest, I didn't really get why FS2, FS2020, FS2021 etc. are being released seperately. But ok.

    Main question here: Is there a plan to get it ported to the Oculus Quest platform at some point?

    With the performance which you managed to get on mobile devices I'd guess that the step is not too far away...