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  • Hello Sir,

    Is there any HOTKEY available in Aerofly FS 2(PC) so as to Enable/Disable CONTROLLER while in Game without closing the Sim and coming to settings?

    I mean the one that we have in FSX, Prepar3d to Enable/Disable Controller( XBox or Yoke or JoyStick ) in Game.

    It sometimes become really essential to get the Default KEYBOARD/Mouse Configuration back even at the time when using a YOKE or Controller. That is a HOTKEY to get the Keyboard/Mouse Layout and Controller Layout with one click and in game without closing the sim..

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  • What exactly do you want to do with the default keyboard and mouse configuration that you cannot do when the yoke is connected?

    It's really useful for doing CINEMATIC Recordings both at the time of Controlling the Aircraft and doing snap and QUICK views by using Developer Camera mode.

    In Prepar3d, FSX, X-Plane I can easily and very Dynamically do that kind of Recordings as they have that HOTKEY feature to get Keyboard/Mouse Layout or Controller Layout just with one click of button and without exiting the Sim. But with Aerofly it's gets Difficult to get the required angle of Shots both while Controlling aircraft and recording at high speeds or while at Takeoff or at Final Approach.

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    Can you please describe in more detail what you want to do? There is no hot-key to toggle the on-screen touch interface because it automatically shows up when there is no controller connected. If you have a controller connected then there is no need for the interface anymore.

    Do you normally fly just with the on-screen touch interface and only want to hide that interface for when you are recording a video?

    Because the interface can already fade out and be fully transparent during the flight, which could be what you are looking for.

    In the main config simply change <[bool][fade_controls][false]> to true.