AEROFLY RC8 different pitch behavior between VR- and Normal-Mode

  • Hi there,

    I am using AEROFLY RC8 current version.

    The normal mode, watching the screen, gives me a normal smooth behavior of the pitch control while flying a Heli.

    Switching over to VR-Mode and using an Oculus Rift S makes the pitch control much more agressive. Feels like you have a much steeper pitch curve in use.

    All settings for the RC controller and the Heli are exactly the same.

    All other control functions (aileron, elevator and rudder) feel in both modes the same, only pitch seems to change.

    In Normal Mode the Heli sits on the ground in front of me, while I start the simulator or after a crash.

    In VR-Mode the Heli comes down from a height of about 10 meters and I have to catch him to land or just start flying, because the Heli is in the air.

    My view to the Heli and scenery is from a height of 1.7 meters, which is ok, so the floor is calibrated correctly.

    Any idea what is going wrong, or which parameters to check for?



  • I go to advanced controller settings and add 30% exponential to elev/pitch and ailerons/roll, 10% to yaw/rudder. This works well for me and does not seem to feel different on VR or non-VR modes. Pretty well the same as I do with my real rc heli’s.

    Also worth calibrating your controller once in a while, especially after any win10 or rc8 updates.

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    The difference you report is just an illusion and caused by the fact that the VR mode gives you a much better picture of how the models fly. Aerofly RC 8 in 2D mode always has the problem that you cannot judge the movement of the model properly. It's a principal problem of a 2D screen with a small field of view. In VR this is no longer the case, you see the model as you would see it in real life.

    So TomC's advice is an option as some models in RC 8 have been set up to be very sensitive to account for the aforementioned effect.