Mouse wheel zoom RAGE

  • Rage is a slight exaggeration.

    Is there a file setting to inhibit the zoom action of the mouse scroll wheel? I’d say 99% of my screen zooming is unintentional from me trying to adjust cockpit controls. It can get annoying.

    FS2 Scroll zooming probably works OK with a graceful glider gently soaring above somewhere like Wächtersberg or Albstadt-Degerfeld but it really does not work properly in a fast aircraft with many more controls.

    Scroll together another action like right click for zooming would be fine.

  • Maybe there could be an option to disable/enable it. Personally I do not have a problem as-is. I find it pretty easy to keep my index finger off and clear of the scroll wheel. Maybe it depends on the shape of your mouse, where the buttons are located, and the size of your hand/fingers?

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  • How's this for an idea. Once the mouse scroll has been detected and a cockpit control knob is turning, the knob will continue to be turned EVEN if the mouse pointer moves away from the knob. This capture continues until no scrolling event is detected for say half a second which should allow time to move your finger to continue scrolling. I really can't imagine anyone really wanting the turn a knob and then immediately zoom. As a trackir user I'd love this as locking my gaze on a knob gets old real fast. I know I should use F9 to pause trackir.

  • Tom you ever try to scroll-wheel turn-off the 737 autobrakes and instead you have instantly zoomed to ultra-wide ....... so now you are focusing on recovering your intended autobrake action instead of steering down the centreline ....... but now you are looking at a tiny autobrake knob covering perhaps ten percent of the screen area that it had before ...... so naturally you miss it with the mouse pointer and zoom wildly again !!!!!

    Now you are counter-zooming on purpose and the tiny ultra wide runway is passing off to one side and .....

    You are no longer simulating being a pilot in control flying the aeroplane, FS2 is fighting you.

  • To turn off the autobrake you can also just tap the brake button... Or retract airbrakes. Or move throttle forwards quickly and then back.

    I'll forward these issues to the developers, maybe we can make the mouse wheel zoom optional or make it so you can hit things easier even when you don't point at them directly.